What is Cremation Jewelry and What Can It Do For You?

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Cremation Jewelry, also known as ash jewelry, allows you to hold closely a remnant of your loved one. The loss of those closest to us often leaves loved ones with the desire to still feel a physical closeness to the deceased. Cremation jewelry gives family and close friends that are grieving the option to carry a physical reminder of their loved one in a highly private and discreet manner. Created with privacy and discretion in mind, cremation jewelry has an interior compartment that can be filled with a memorial of personal choosing and the compartment will hold approximately 1/8 teaspoon of remembrance. Whether it’s cremated remains, a few strands of hair or ground from the site of burial that is selected as the memorial, the design of the jewelry does not reveal what the interior holds. The memorial is sealed inside the jewelry and the wearer has the option of sharing what is inside or keeping it private.


How Cremation Jewelry Works 



Cremation Jewelry is accessed through the top threaded bail, or through a threaded stopper. In this example, we show a cut away of the jewelry and a detailed view of the threaded stopper. The threaded stopper is just like a screw, and can be removed to access the inner cavity. A small funnel then used to place the cremated remains inside the jewelry.


Different Types of Openings for Cremation Jewelry


Once the urn is filled, you will be able to seal the opening closed, usually with a strong adhesive such as superglue


No matter which type of ash jewelry you choose, they all serve the same functions. They offer you a way to embrace and honor the one you miss and love while also allowing you to filled the internal urn with a reminder; whether it is cremation ashes, soil from their grave, soil from their favorite bench overlooking the sea, a lock of hair, or anything else you may desire. 

To further personalize cremation jewelry, some products will offer an option to engrave. Depending on which ash jewelry you choose will dictate what options are available. Some options are engraving an image, a fingerprint, a handwritten note or drawing, or text that can say anything. If you are browsing through products you should see the available options on the product pages.

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