Afterlife Essentials Warranty

Because we only offer high quality products, we are proud to offer a guarantee that your product will be 100% free from manufacturing defects. If any manufacturing defects occur any time up to a year after your purchase, we will replace the item at no cost.


If your item is no longer available, we can offer you a replacement equal to the selling or refund purchase price of your product. We have you covered.

We can only offer refunds or replacements due to manufacturing defects.


You are not covered for faults due to:

  • Improper care of jewelry Improper cleaning, or interaction with chemicals that leads to discoloration of the surface.
  • Bent bands or prongs due to excessive force or wear, particular for rings.
  • Loss of stones, or damage caused by a lack of maintenance or wear over extended period of time.
  • Scratched surface of photo engraved jewelry due to improper care, or wearing with other pendants.

Please take good care of your jewelry once purchased. You can read our jewelry care guide for more information on proper care.

We want you to be happy. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our warranty, our jewelry, or the service we provide.

We are always happy to help.